Welcome! Zdravo! This is Ryan’s webspace. Head on over to the about page, where I’m certain you’ll find him a super-interesting fellow, or check out his resume. He blogs about technology – check the Tech link, or some of the links to the right for recent articles. He also writes about cycling/the outdoors. Ryan isn’t funny, but at least he tries to be.

This is ryan. Well, his avatar at least. Let’s call him [brkt], for short.
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Own a phone running Android 5.1 or later? You might be affected by a bug preventing you from disabling roaming with some carriers. My own Nexus 4 cost me $40 of roaming on Freedom (formerly WIND) mobile, despite the OS reporting roaming as disabled. Read more here: Original bug reportCurrent bug report

BrktCrft is up and running! I and a few compatriots run Minecraft servers on this site; head here for more information.

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