THE TL;DR: Ryan runs this site. He has a background in systems administration, operating systems, computer security, and test automation. He is studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and has just completed his internship year at Symantec.

Ryan’s resume can be found here. Some of his coding work can found on his Github page: http://github.com/rbracken Of course, we can’t leave out the family — click here to visit the page about Ryan’s ‘brother’, Bjorn.

Currently, Ryan is an undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at the University of Toronto (Class of 1T6). Ryan has been known to tinker with electronics, all kinds of computers, as is especially fond of Linux (and vintage UNIX!).  He recently began using NetBSD as his primary server OS, after migrating  from Ubuntu to Debian to CentOS. Thanks to the twin miracles of rsync and LXC containers, this site has been switched from OS to OS with minimal interruption.

Ryan is also passionate about good Ops practices and system design, which shows in his choice of hobbies. In his off-work hours, Ryan acts as sysadmin for the UofT Engineering Society, where he is am currently implementing a revamp of the hardware+software stack. He is responsible for building a new server cluster with off-the-shelf consumer hardware, along with streamlining the current network layout. Migrating physical servers into application containers has had the benefit of reducing physical server requirements for the Society, while giving him a unique position to experience a ground-up datacentre reimplementation.

But Ryan’s interests do not end with just computers. Visit his personal blog to see some information on cycling and hiking, or to view his recent cycling trip in Italy. Ryan also maintains a tech blog, writing about interesting happenings in the electronic world.

Ryan has experience with:

– Administrating Ubuntu/Debian, CentOS,  and NetBSD server clusters
– Inter-Networking, VMs, and containerization
– Managing shared webhosting services (cPanel, WHM)
– OS Design and Computer Security
– C/C++, Python, Nose + Pytest (Python Unittests), Bash/Shell, SQL
– Git,  Perforce,  & Subversion code versioning systems
– Administrating Jenkins + developing test frameworks