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DIY ‘Hi-Fi’: Tube Audio on a Tight Budget

There’s just something magical about vacuum tube stereos. For me, it’s the combination aesthetics and sound quality. These two considerations almost appear to be interlinked; the glowing filaments seem to add a feeling of life to an otherwise bland appliance. The warm, vibrant tones of tube-equipped amplifiers make even inexpensive amps interesting to own. After … Continue reading DIY ‘Hi-Fi’: Tube Audio on a Tight Budget

I Guess they *Really* Like Minecraft

I got some interesting hits on my Minecraft servers this week, which prompted me to investigate. A number of connects and immediate disconnects made me wonder what could be going on; hackers, perhaps? Maybe legitimate visitors, logging in only to find version 1.5.2 isn’t compatible with their client? Nope. It’s someone scanning for open Minecraft … Continue reading I Guess they *Really* Like Minecraft

GalliumOS Kernel Panics? Install Ubuntu’s Kernel!

Since late July I’ve been running GalliumOS 2.0 on my Acer C720p. I like the lightweight XFCE interface (key on a machine with 2Gigs of ram),  but have run into a few stability bugs. By and large the biggest issue has been with the GalliumOS kernel itself – it just can’t seem to take sleeping/waking without … Continue reading GalliumOS Kernel Panics? Install Ubuntu’s Kernel!

Minecraft on a NetBSD Desktop

Note: This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of how to use pkgsrc, and have it and a full base system of NetBSD installed.  If you don’t know how to use pkgsrc, read up more here. Minecraft is written in Java, so porting it across systems is a non issue, right?  That is mostly true … Continue reading Minecraft on a NetBSD Desktop

C.H.I.P First Impressions

Last year in November, I preordered a new single-board computer, freshly being offered from Next Thing Co.; the C.H.I.P.   This past Tuesday, it finally arrived (it was estimated originally to ship around May, but I’ve been happy to wait), and I have been pleasantly surprised by the $9 device since then. I say $9 … Continue reading C.H.I.P First Impressions

Adding Quota Support to LXC Containers

I’m in the process of deploying an HA / LXC cluster for my university’s Engineering Society, and despite LXC being well documented by this point, there are still ample opportunities to run into quirks. One of the biggest you’ll run into are disk quotas: the documentation says you need an LVM backing store… or do you? … Continue reading Adding Quota Support to LXC Containers