IRC – Internbot Demo

What is internbot? Internbot is a modular, python-based IRC chat bot. It comes bundled with a gee-whiz neato-keen pile of plugins, and has a simple framework for rolling your own additions.

You can see the project and download the code here on github.

The namesake intern plugin does automatic text generation using Markov chains, so plop in a textfile with your chosen phrases (or let the bot build its own from the chat) and you have a bot capable of ‘conversation’.

Bots currently available: drakebot, shakespearebot
Plugins currently active: intern, lmgtfy, broadcast, and pick.
To Issue Commands:
Simply include the botname in a message to a channel it is currently in, and the command desired, eg. internbot get coffee.  It follows the general pattern of <botnick> <command> <args>. Of course, some modules can circumvent this, as the intern module does, by simply looking for keywords in any text regardless of whether or not the botnick is mentioned.

If you are joined to the <botnick> channel, you do not need to preface commands with the bot’s nickname. It will read commands directly as if all messages were prefaced with the bot’s nickname.