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This Website: Now on VM

I’m officially no longer running NetBSD on bare hardware for my server – VMs only! After many problems, both my server and my NetBSD install finally gave up the ghost, so I’ve moved this site over to a VM on my homelab cluster.

“He’s dead, Jim”

Sadly, I’m not sure my venerable Acer laptop is usable at all any longer. Despite being a low-tier $400 laptop from 2009 (and a bulky one even for then), it pulled punches as my cobbled together server for a surprising 4 years hosting this site. Even the original battery was good up to last year, despite it being used as my only computer until 2012.

Acer 4736z: 2009-2017

Adding Quota Support to LXC Containers

I’m in the process of deploying an HA / LXC cluster for my university’s Engineering Society, and despite LXC being well documented by this point, there are still ample opportunities to run into quirks. One of the biggest you’ll run into are disk quotas: the documentation says you need an LVM backing store… or do you? … Continue reading Adding Quota Support to LXC Containers