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NetBSD 7.1 has been released. As I mentioned earlier, this server was experiencing stability issues (specifically, UVM faults) with 7.0.2  – even despite virtualisation. Upgrading to 7.1 seems to have fixed my issues, and the server no longer topples and goes for a random reboot every few days.  Whereas before, a heavy load would cause a silent panic-and-reboot, the server VM now chugs along merrily with my multiple minecraft servers, webserver, and bitbucket instance.

Happy Upgrading, everyone – I know I was!

NetBSD 7.0.2 UVM Faults

Stable As A Two-Legged Stool I am writing this blog post in more than a bit of an agitated state, having just gone through about a 3-month period where NetBSD was crashing on a more than weekly basis. Since the upgrade to 7.0.2, my server has been plagued with instability. Initially, I suspected memory problems, and replaced … Continue reading NetBSD 7.0.2 UVM Faults

Getting the ADATA SP600 to Work with ALPM

[Update 09/02/17: This guide is for the M.2 version of the SP600, not the 2.5″ SATA version, which has firmware updates available and might not encounter this problem] When I upgraded my C720’s SSD, I unexpectedly started running into weird errors that would hang the system. Checking the system logs provided little insight, beyond showing non-ASCII characters … Continue reading Getting the ADATA SP600 to Work with ALPM