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I Guess they *Really* Like Minecraft

I got some interesting hits on my Minecraft servers this week, which prompted me to investigate. A number of connects and immediate disconnects made me wonder what could be going on; hackers, perhaps? Maybe legitimate visitors, logging in only to find version 1.5.2 isn’t compatible with their client? Nope. It’s someone scanning for open Minecraft … Continue reading I Guess they *Really* Like Minecraft

Minecraft on a NetBSD Desktop

Note: This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of how to use pkgsrc, and have it and a full base system of NetBSD installed.  If you don’t know how to use pkgsrc, read up more here. Minecraft is written in Java, so porting it across systems is a non issue, right?  That is mostly true … Continue reading Minecraft on a NetBSD Desktop

C.H.I.P First Impressions

Last year in November, I preordered a new single-board computer, freshly being offered from Next Thing Co.; the C.H.I.P.   This past Tuesday, it finally arrived (it was estimated originally to ship around May, but I’ve been happy to wait), and I have been pleasantly surprised by the $9 device since then. I say $9 … Continue reading C.H.I.P First Impressions