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NetBSD 7.1 has been released. As I mentioned earlier, this server was experiencing stability issues (specifically, UVM faults) with 7.0.2  – even despite virtualisation. Upgrading to 7.1 seems to have fixed my issues, and the server no longer topples and goes for a random reboot every few days.  Whereas before, a heavy load would cause a silent panic-and-reboot, the server VM now chugs along merrily with my multiple minecraft servers, webserver, and bitbucket instance.

Happy Upgrading, everyone – I know I was!

This Website: Now on VM

I’m officially no longer running NetBSD on bare hardware for my server – VMs only! After many problems, both my server and my NetBSD install finally gave up the ghost, so I’ve moved this site over to a VM on my homelab cluster.

“He’s dead, Jim”

Sadly, I’m not sure my venerable Acer laptop is usable at all any longer. Despite being a low-tier $400 laptop from 2009 (and a bulky one even for then), it pulled punches as my cobbled together server for a surprising 4 years hosting this site. Even the original battery was good up to last year, despite it being used as my only computer until 2012.

Acer 4736z: 2009-2017

NetBSD 7.0.2 UVM Faults

Stable As A Two-Legged Stool I am writing this blog post in more than a bit of an agitated state, having just gone through about a 3-month period where NetBSD was crashing on a more than weekly basis. Since the upgrade to 7.0.2, my server has been plagued with instability. Initially, I suspected memory problems, and replaced … Continue reading NetBSD 7.0.2 UVM Faults

Minecraft on a NetBSD Desktop

Note: This tutorial assumes you have basic knowledge of how to use pkgsrc, and have it and a full base system of NetBSD installed.  If you don’t know how to use pkgsrc, read up more here. Minecraft is written in Java, so porting it across systems is a non issue, right?  That is mostly true … Continue reading Minecraft on a NetBSD Desktop

Security Advisory: NetBSD upgrades to OpenSSL 1.0.1s

Although not really a proper security advisory  because the base system appears to be safe( see my previous article, DROWN: Vunerable? Not exactly! ), installing some packages can make your NetBSD installs vulnerable to DROWN.  By default, Apache 2.2 and a number of other packages enable SSLv2 and v3 out of the box, and without the … Continue reading Security Advisory: NetBSD upgrades to OpenSSL 1.0.1s

DROWN: Vulnerable? Not exactly!

Apology from the Writer: Excuse the kitschy title image, but it really seems like everyone already thinks of SSL as little locks on the intertubes, so I really just had to go along with it! Public disclosure of the DROWN attack is a little over a week old now, but for the end user it can … Continue reading DROWN: Vulnerable? Not exactly!

PF and Proxies

Pliny and my main web server share the same subnet, and each device has only one NIC. My router forwards all relevant ports down to the main server, and the main server proxies requests to Pliny. This setup allows me to avoid messing with my gateway router (which serves my whole home, see below) whenever I need to change … Continue reading PF and Proxies