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This Website: Now on VM

I’m officially no longer running NetBSD on bare hardware for my server – VMs only! After many problems, both my server and my NetBSD install finally gave up the ghost, so I’ve moved this site over to a VM on my homelab cluster.

“He’s dead, Jim”

Sadly, I’m not sure my venerable Acer laptop is usable at all any longer. Despite being a low-tier $400 laptop from 2009 (and a bulky one even for then), it pulled punches as my cobbled together server for a surprising 4 years hosting this site. Even the original battery was good up to last year, despite it being used as my only computer until 2012.

Acer 4736z: 2009-2017

I Guess they *Really* Like Minecraft

I got some interesting hits on my Minecraft servers this week, which prompted me to investigate. A number of connects and immediate disconnects made me wonder what could be going on; hackers, perhaps? Maybe legitimate visitors, logging in only to find version 1.5.2 isn’t compatible with their client? Nope. It’s someone scanning for open Minecraft … Continue reading I Guess they *Really* Like Minecraft