NetBSD 7.0.2 UVM Faults

Stable As A Two-Legged Stool I am writing this blog post in more than a bit of an agitated state, having just gone through about a 3-month period where NetBSD was crashing on a more than weekly basis. Since the upgrade to 7.0.2, my server has been plagued with instability. Initially, I suspected memory problems, and replaced … Continue reading NetBSD 7.0.2 UVM Faults

Fixing Excerpts in WordPress Themes

Trouble getting your posts page to display only excerpts? You are not the only one. Many WordPress themes don’t actually support the feature – even the bundled and default WordPress themes seem lacking (notably, the Twenty-Thirteen theme that this site uses). Clicking on a category or index page shows the full posts, and is a … Continue reading Fixing Excerpts in WordPress Themes

Getting the ADATA SP600 to Work with ALPM

[Update 09/02/17: This guide is for the M.2 version of the SP600, not the 2.5″ SATA version, which has firmware updates available and might not encounter this problem] When I upgraded my C720’s SSD, I unexpectedly started running into weird errors that would hang the system. Checking the system logs provided little insight, beyond showing non-ASCII characters … Continue reading Getting the ADATA SP600 to Work with ALPM

DIY ‘Hi-Fi’: Tube Audio on a Tight Budget

There’s just something magical about vacuum tube stereos. For me, it’s the combination aesthetics and sound quality. These two considerations almost appear to be interlinked; the glowing filaments seem to add a feeling of life to an otherwise bland appliance. The warm, vibrant tones of tube-equipped amplifiers make even inexpensive amps interesting to own. After … Continue reading DIY ‘Hi-Fi’: Tube Audio on a Tight Budget