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This is my adopted brother, Björn Kronapfennig. Before I was born, in the early 1990s, the Canadian government began the Sponsor-A-Swede programme. It was targeted at helping children get an education and finally be able to escape the IKEA mills that plauged Sweden at the time (remember, this is a pre-EU Sweden). My parents sponsored Björn and then later formally adopted him. With my parent’s funding, he was able to graduate from IKEA Polytek with a specialization in making image-only instruction manuals. Björn now lives in Gothenburg and works as an IT specialist for one of Sweden’s largest moose-breeding companies.

Björn Facts:

  • Like all Swedes, Björn’s real first name is Sven.
  • His biological mother is German ( surname Pfennig ) and biological father is Swedish ( surname Krona )
  • Björn hates Danish blue cheese out of sheer patiotism; he insists they stole it from the Swedes, and that it has a far worse smell.
  • In 1989, after a year of terrible moose harvests and unable to support little Björn, Björn’s biological parents were forced to sell him to the IKEA mills in Stockholm. There he dissasembled the pieces of furniture destined for IKEA stores.
  • Björn was adopted by my parents via the Canadian Sponsor-A-Swede program in 1993.
  • Björn holds a BFA in the rigorous Greyscale Assembly Manuals Programme from IKEA Polytek, Sweden’s foremost (and only) university, and 8 Bronze Badges from the Online College of Stackoverflow.com
  • Bjorn measures 1.84 meters in height, or about 1 sven tall. Despite this, he was one of the best korgboll players at IKEA Polytek

Björn FAQ:

  • Q. Does he bite?
    • A. Only if you remind him about the moose harvest of ’04
  • Q. This isn’t even a real person.
    • A. That’s not even a real question.
  • Q.  Var kan jag hitta en bra tandläkare i Göteborg?
    • A. Ser jag ut som en telefonbok för dig?